Fullriver deep-cycle AGM batteries are ideal for applications that require sealed batteries with a proven track record for heavy-duty cycling capabilities or power supply.

Our most discerning customers choose Fullriver above all else when long and reliable service life are paramount.

Quality Deep-Cycle AGM batteries are designed to be deeply discharged and recharged hundreds of times. They differ significantly from automotive starting batteries in the way they are designed and constructed. Fullriver AGMs use more lead, heavier plates with high-density paste (active material) and other proprietary materials that enable them to deliver more reserve power and maintained capacity over many life cycles. The electrolyte (acid) in AGM batteries is fully absorbed in a sponge-like absorbent glass-mat between plates to prevent spillage, leakage and corrosion. The highly porous nature of AGM separators allows for improved current flow between the plates when discharging and recharging. Fullriver AGM Deep-Cycle batteries are used in numerous applications and are the preferred option where safety, cleanliness, long-life and totally maintenance-free operation are desired.


  • Thicker, Full-Frame plates
  • High-purity lead-calcium-alloy grids
  • High-Density active paste – improved capacity
  • Unique Low-resistance microporous glass-mat separators
  • Self-Regulating Pressure Relief Valves
  • Low self-discharge rate – 2% per month at 20C
  • Faster recharge acceptance
  • Longer cycle-life
  • Ultra-reliable

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